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Venture Publisher

I am Bert Van Wassenhove, "venture publisher". With my experience as a marketing man and digital expert, and my network, I help people with an innovative idea to turn this into a sustainable company.

Authenticity is always a keyword here.

In the books "A Digital Marketing Plan in 100 Days" and "The Marketing Bible for a Digital World" I brought together 25 years of experience in digital marketing with the aim of providing everyone who wants to get started with marketing in these digital times a solid foundation to offer.

The first book (A Digital Marketing Plan in 100 Days" became a bestseller and standard work for students and managers who want a practical step-by-step plan to make their marketing digital. Building on that success, I wrote a successor in 2019 (The Marketing Bible for a Digital World) that not only updates the content of the first book, but also elaborates on current topics such as content marketing (message) and agile marketing (method).
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