Marketing Strategy Canvas

Download the canvas now, read the explanation later? Click here.

A lot of people really use The Marketing Bible For A Digital World as a guide to give concrete shape to their strategic marketing plans. I am regularly asked for a hands-on approach to develop such a strategy. Because the book does provide all the principles and insights you need, but it does not contain a concrete marketing tool or step-by-step plan.

That is why I developed this Marketing Strategy Canvas, a tool that can be used for both classic and digital marketing plans.

The principles are the following:
  1. Capture the fundamentals of your business, product line or offering using Simon Sinek's Golden Circle (Why, How & What).
  2. Clearly determine your customers. Who is in the value chain between your company and the end customer. And who are your customers, what is their profile, how do you describe the target group, what are their motivations.
  3. Analyze the customer journey for each of the target groups, and determine which communication channels (social media, website, search, fairs, brochures, sellers, etc.) are relevant in each phase.
  4. Make the same analysis in the customer journey but for the message you want to convey in each phase.
  5. Are you launching something new, in other words, are you starting from a blank marketing magazine? Or are you building on an already existing marketing plan? Depending on the answer to that question, you will set other priorities. For current products or companies you set priorities in function of the business goals, for startups and new business, the priority always lies first at the conversion moment (decision phase).
Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each target audience.

If you want to start immediately with a detailed step-by-step plan, an online video course and a coaching session with the author, order the Marketing Strategy Canvas KIT now (in Dutch only for now).